Show Notes

After a very enlightening conversation with a member of a podcasting group I’m in who has bilateral hearing loss, I’ve realized that it would be helpful to some listeners to put transcripts of the shows on the website.  To that end, I’ve posted the scripts for all of the episodes so far and will add new episodes as they are posted.  These are the original scripts for the shows, so they are not all 100% accurate.  Any changes I made on the fly while recording won’t be picked up, but they should be mostly on track.  Hope this helps.  If there’s ever something you think I could do to make the show better or easier to listen to, drop me a line.  I’m always open to suggestions.

Episode 1A – Gods Make Shitty Dads
Episode 1B – Pandora’s Vagina
Episode 2 – The Amazing Spiderman
Episode 3 – Never Go Back to Corpserape Island
Episode 4 – When God Gives You Murder, Make Murderade
Episode 5 – Flower Power
Episode 6A – Who’s Your God Now?
Episode 6B – A Questing We Will Go
Episode 6C – Bros Before Hos
Episode 6D – Who Framed Sun Wukong?
Episode 6E – Doctor Monkey
Episode 6F – The King of Destructia
Episode 6G – The Return of the Buddha
Episode 7 – How to Lose a God in 10 Days
Episode 8 – Buried Alive
Episode 9 – Evil Dead
Episode 10 – Maui, His Brother Maui, and His Other Brother Maui
Episode 11 – Sleeping Beauty: Plucking Brier-Rose
Episode 12 – The Soulless Little Mermaid
Episode 13 – The Devil’s Sooty Brother
Episode 14 – Hooker with a Heart of Gold


Episode 15 – Monkey Business
Episode 16 – Cleverman
Episode 17 – Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em
Episode 18A – The Worst Servant in Russia
Episode 18B – Naked and Afraid
Episode 18C – The Ice King Cometh
Episode 19 – Hawaiian Tuna
Episode 20 – Pray the Stars are Wrong
Episode 21 – The Magical Fruit
Episode 22A – Cursed by God
Episode 22B – Black and White