About MYTH

Mythology has gotten a bad rap.

Most people think they know they stories, but they’ve only ever heard the sanitized versions in the movies or read the sanitized and dusty versions in high school text books.  It’s a shame, because the stories are anything but dry – the stories are bloody, violent, and incredible.

This is a bi-weekly podcast telling the stories of gods and monsters from all over the world.  These are the tales that shaped ancient cultures and the archetypes that still adventure in our modern world.  This podcast tries to tell these stories the way they would have been told when the world was new and monsters lurked just beyond the horizon: colloquial, informal, and irreverent.  Most of the time, each episode will tell a complete story in its entirety; on those rare occasions where a story is simply too long, they’ll be broken up into multiple episodes.  The stories are not safe for work, so these tellings aren’t either.

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